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Versatile Solutions

Conversion Genie has been assisting medium to large call businesses with call center services for many years. Through serving a multitude of industries with a vast range of needs across the United States, we have had to deploy a wide variety of solutions. The technology we have built makes it easier for us to continue to be versatile and stay at the forefront of call center focussed services.

Customized Campaigns

We provide a vast number of call center services and can build a unique, low overhead campaign around your exact needs. Whether you are interested in outbound or inbound services, whether your needs are customer service or sales, we can accommodate your businesses objectives. Contact us today and see how our call center can be an active partner in growing your business.

Quality Over Quantity

We work closely with data and lead companies to ensure we not only generate the highest volume of leads but the highest converting as well. Our advanced technology platforms allows complete transparency behind your campaign and our operations. It also allows us to deliver your leads in a format that fits your current process, technology and delivery needs.

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About Us

Our goal as a business has always been the same since day one: we provide premium call-handling services and act as a partner to businesses that do not have this infrastructure or do not want the hassle of setting up a call center, but want to grow their business with little overhead.

Our call center has been operating since 2009 and is based in the sunny city of Scottsdale, Arizona. Our customer service teams and sales staff work on various shifts throughout the day. At any given time you can find up to a 100 people on the floor.

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Our Promise

The Right Technology

We ensure our call center uses the very best technology available in order for us to deliver world-class call solutions. Our technology is designed to run in the background and seamlessly integrate with your operations so that we appear to be an extension of your business.

The Right People

Our philosophy has always been to hire the best sales and customer service staff, and to spend time on training and developing these staff members. When you work with Conversion Genie, the people who represent your business will always be courteous and knowledgeable.

Safe Street USA
As a business we were set some incredible targets for growth, we found this difficult and costly for us to do this in-house.  Conversion Genie provided us with the infrastructure at a very competitive cost.

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